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BuyItByTheCase.Com is a personal care distributor for a number of large well-known manufacturers and ships goods throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. BuyItByTheCase.Com is a family-owned business that was started in 1988. The owner also manages a leading wholesale distribution company, providing over 1000 items to the hospitality, janitorial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

When you partner with BuyItByTheCase.Com, you receive industry-leading service, gain access to our highly-trained, experienced, multi-lingual and dedicated staff, and benefit from the state-of-the-art technology that enables us to rapidly respond to your every need. Combining our comprehensive list of personal care products and janitorial supply products with our unparalleled customized services, you will receive unsurpassed value from BuyItByTheCase.Com.

People: Social Responsibility

Philanthropy comes in many forms and has an impact way beyond financial benefits – it changes communities and society. We are firm believers that community collaboration between corporate and community stakeholders creates relationships that maximize the value of corporate giving – be it that the contributions come in the form of donations, product in-kind, or event employment.

At BuyItByTheCase.Com, we embrace the local community to make a real difference. Locally, we partner with Goodwill Industries to give second chances to women re-entering the work force after time spent behind bars.

What corporate volunteer programs does your organization support that positively impacts the local community? How can we inspire more corporations to do the same?

Community Support

BuyItByTheCase.Com is a proud supporter of:

BuyItByTheCase.Com works with non-profits to ensure that their donations, in the form of goods, reach their intended destination. You can also donate directly to a cause by telling us what the charity or individual(s) needs – we will ship the product for you. Any contribution is worthwhile if it makes a difference. With our competitive prices, more of your money will go to the needy party. BuyItBytheCase.com collaborates with charities to support their local needs around the country.

Be Green

Everyday, consumers face hundreds of choices. Whether it’s choosing organic produce, farm-raised meat or green cleaning products, companies are seeing the demand from consumers who make environmentally and socially conscious purchasing decisions.

Over the last decade, the consumer drive for green products has pushed environmentally conscious ideologies to the forefront of company values, goals and products. Consumers have made it clear that the evolution of their products matter. Companies that embrace sustainability see the financial value of reducing their environmental footprint. The earth’s resources aren’t infinite.  Environmentally focused companies become stewards that ensure long-term success and sustainability of the ecosystem. BuyItByTheCase.Com supports “green” initiatives and can assist you in your efforts to go “green.”

Benefits of Shopping at BuyItByThe Case.Com

Long Term Relationship: We provide products and systems that build long-term relationships with and are mutually beneficial to our customers, suppliers, teammates, and health of our company. We listen, identify your needs, and then recommend products and systems that work and are safe, simple, economical, versatile, innovative and sustainable.

World-Class Training: We offer “world class” training, service, and support to our customers! We strive to be “The Source” for all our customers’ maintenance needs.

Value Added Products: We add value to our customers products by identifying their needs and customizing programs to exceed their expectations, augmenting and building new inter-company support systems to win and keep business, i.e. automated inventory control systems, year to year maintenance cost comparisons, secured website catalog & ordering application, and by ensuring that all BuyItByTheCase.Com team members understand their role and contribute to winning and keeping business. Every team member is a consultant to our customers.

Lowest Total Cost: We ensure our customers realize the Lowest Total Cost with their maintenance program.

One Source Supply: We are a full service supply company aligned with cutting edge, dependable suppliers and offer our customers a one stop shopping experience.